Saturday, April 3, 2010

once upon a time

once upon a time I was in good shape.  now is not once upon a time.  clearly.

I'm not like grossly out of shape. chances are I could beat most people in a foot race, a short sprint in a pool and if endurance is the goal I could probably suffer through a longer bike ride than most people.  But, I'm not happy with the current state of affairs.  I wish training condition was a cummulative thing - so if I was once in a good shape, I will be permanently in good shape.  I know this isn't the case.  It isn't that I don't want to do the work or don't enjoy the challenge of training, it is the mental torture that happens on the way to the goal.

I vacillate between "I don't care" and "I wonder if I can have a lobotomy on an outpatient basis."  If I could change my thinking and my self-judgment it would probably make this process easier.

So, I ran 5 miles yesterday.  My average pace wasn't horrific...about 11:20.  However, my third mile was terrible.  It seems that after about 21 minutes of running all of my joints let out a collective sigh and asked "Why are we doing THIS again?" 

Because we are and that is that.

So, numbers.

04/01/10: 5 miles, 57:11 (running)
04/02/10: 26.2 miles, 1:42.36 (biking)

it wasn't an intentional marathon distance ride - just the distance from my front door to the inlet.


  1. There's always the self-surgery option. I'm considering that for the calluses on the balls of my feet.