Friday, April 9, 2010

continuing saga of the measuring pants

They fit better everywhere but the waist, but I did just return from a run so I am not sure how that effects fit.

Nonetheless, I have lost some weight and I know this because my bat wings are almost entirely gone. I'm not sure if that is the real (technical) name for this fat deposit, but I will explain the location. When I gain weight the area of my thighs below the hip joint becomes very well padded. (My dog gets extra hair in this area too and it makes him look chunkier than he is, but he's cute with or without them; me, not so much.) In other words it isn't pretty and it annoys me. Luckily they are almost gone.

I did another 5 mile run this morning. 3 minutes 45 seconds faster than last week's 5 miler. 5:1 intervals seem to be working quite well, except when I can't add or remember and I do a 4 minute interval instead. I'll survive. Hopefully my memory and addition skills will return to me quickly because I have work to do today and those are important factors in my productivity.

Have a good Friday.

04/09/10: 5 miles - 53:27 (running)
(10:31, 10:50, 10:56, 10:50, 10:14)

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