Thursday, April 8, 2010

change, or rather upheavel, of plans

Rather than having my normal schedule this week, I spent time supervising person #2's children. (thank you census bureau for that good moniker) He had to go to work and they were on spring break and I work at home, imagine that arrangement. Anyway, it was a change from normal and a little stressful, but I think am back to my regularly scheduled life now.

There was a definite lack of sleep in the past few days so I didn't have the energy to run this morning. I went out riding on my bicycle instead which was adventurous - my chain popped off twice, I'm not sure why, but I will take a look at it some time later today.

back to the grind in these parts. Have a happy Thursday.

04/08/10 - 20.93 miles - biking

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  1. Person #2. Awesome. Glad you can get back to your workouts. And a 20 mile bike ride is no small accomplishment. Congrats.