Wednesday, April 14, 2010

they call it a breeze

but sometimes the "sea breeze" can be downright cruel.

The last two days it has definitely impacted my workouts. And, plus, I like it to be HOT when I ride my bicycle (I think this might be my vanity. I would like to be thin and tan and since the former isn't happening, I'm hoping I can accomplish the later) and when it is windy it is not hot enough for me.

Alas, workouts have been done and they've both gone reasonably well. That said, a truck carrying a few landscapers honked at me this morning and at the time I felt like a super-saturated beached whale and I was a little disturbed that they were honking at me.

My iPod shuffle (gen 2, so it has the option to not shuffle) works fine so I think the charger is the issue. I ordered a replacement USB type charger thingy from the great world wide web and hopefully it will arrive soon.

does happiness abound on this hump day? yea, I guess so.

04/13/10 - biking - 16.26 miles
04/14/10 - running - 5 miles - 52:22 (10:07, 10:41, 10:48, 10:10, 10:34)

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