Friday, April 16, 2010

jogging the memory stick

I run the same routes as I did when I last trained for a marathon. I live in south Florida, east of the interstate, so my choices, while scenic, are somewhat limited. And, as I run I am reminded of old memories, old thoughts and old posts from my old blog which wrote the story of another person in another life, seemingly.

I'm not sure how all this sits with me...makes me feel like I experienced some sort of deliverance into a new world that still doesn't fit quite right. And, I don't like that scratchy feeling when something doesn't fit exactly how I want it to fit.

Anyway, I thought I 'd post pictures instead of writing anything else...

04/16/10 - running - 4 miles - 40:32
(9:58, 10:07, 10:22, 10:04)

Me and stinger -- I've convinced myself I need a new helmet that matches the red bike frame...we'll see how good of a deal I can find after scouring the internet.

the dog and I took some self-portraits yesterday while I was waiting for a file to download. He looks very distinguished. I've started this regime of brushing him every day because apparently that is what a good dog parent is supposed to do.

person #2 and bruiser - Bruiser was named before he truly earned the reputation. I learned to ride on Bruiser - anyone who has every been on a bike can tell you that was a bad idea...he's a little heavy and has a lot of power. One day I was making a left turn and my head told me I was going to hit a shrub so my hand squeezed the brake. I used my leg to protect Bruiser (bad idea) and had the worst muscle pull/tear I can remember in recent times. I make that same left turn every time I ride - I don't know why I thought I was going to hit that shrub. Oh well.

Happy trails - enjoy your Friday.

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  1. He's George, isn't he? He has grown up into quite the distinguished gentledog.